HRT for Men: Exploring Testosterone Replacement and Aging Well

HRT for Men: Exploring Testosterone Replacement and Aging Well

Exploring Testosterone Replacement For Men

If you have noticed such symptoms as being more fatigued and having less mental concentration, you could be suffering from low testosterone hormones in your body.

Dr. Chester Miltenberger of Vanguard Medical Care in Lakeland, FL, is available for consultation and to provide the best possible outcome regarding hormone replacement therapy (HRT).

What Is Testosterone?

Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in men's bodies. It regulates sex drive and is key in developing the testes and the prostate. It also helps secondary characteristics such as body hair growth, creating muscle mass, a feeling of contentment, bone density, and red blood cell levels.

Testosterone Deficiency Issues

When a male thinks they have hypogonadism, several things will signify that this is the case, such as a loss of pubic or armpit hair, low sex drive, hot flashes, decreased testicles, depressed mood, low or no sperm count, increased body fat including the pectoral area, decrease in muscle size, strength, and endurance.

The pituitary gland, testicles, or hypothalamus issues can bring on male hypogonadism. According to Vanguard Medical Care in Lakeland, FL, those who are more at risk for low testosterone disorder are:

  •  The Obese 
  •  Older males
  •  Those with obstructive sleep apnea
  •  Males with mismanaged type 2 diabetes
  •  Those with chronic conditions such as cirrhosis of the liver
  •  Males with HIV/AIDS

Diagnosing and Treating Testosterone Deficiency

A diagnosis of hypogonadism starts with a visit to our doctor for a full medical screen and complete health history, including when you noticed the start of your first symptoms.

Our doctor may also order specific blood tests.

  • Total Testosterone test, collected in the morning when testosterone is at its highest level
  • Luteinizing hormone test measures whether the pituitary gland is functioning normally
  • Prolactin blood test measures Prolactin levels

If these levels are low, then they may signify pituitary gland issues. The doctor must review your signs and symptoms and test results to arrive at the correct diagnosis and create a treatment plan.

If HRT is necessary to treat hypogonadism, our doctor can deliver this treatment in many different ways, such as patches, gel, pellets inserted under the skin, testosterone applied to the gums, nasal gel, intramuscular injection, or oral pills.

There can be a few side effects of HRT, such as difficulty urinating, acne, fluid retention, and worsening sleep apnea. These treatments target the relieving of symptoms of hypogonadism. The benefits can outweigh the side effects, and our doctor can work with you to mitigate these side effects.

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