Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Us?

At Vanguard Medical Care of Lakeland, FL, Dr. Chester Miltenberger focuses on a wide range of specialty conditions, complimenting your routine care. Learn more about we what can offer you.

Have a great life

But, can you achieve it if you struggle with sexual dysfunction, obesity, addiction, and the difficulties arising from low testosterone and estrogen? Dr. Miltenberger and his team at Vanguard Medical Care in Lakeland, FL, focus on these problems and on you, as an individual. We provide discreet, accurate, and compassionate patient care plans which identify your symptoms and how they impact your day to day life, work, family life, and intimacy. You want to have your best possible life, and we will partner with you in getting and maintaining it.

The medical services we provide

If you wish to lose weight--whether it's that stubborn post-menopausal 10 pounds or an intimidating and dangerous 100 pounds--we can identify your unhealthy triggers and set you on a path to effective weight loss, good nutrition, exercise, and maintenance of a healthy BMI (Body Mass Index).

As part of our comprehensive program, we offer regular monitoring of your weight loss goals, coaching, meal planning, and:

  • Appetite suppressants
  • Vitamins and supplements
  • Lipotropic shots to boost your metabolism safely and effectively

Also, if you're experiencing opioid addiction, realize that you are not alone. The American Society of Addiction Medicine says that this devastating problem impacts more than 20 million Americans.

As such, Dr. Miltenberger provides discreet, non-judgmental treatment on an outpatient basis. You will get the support and medications you need to steadily recover from addiction.

Finally, our office works with men who have erectile dysfunction and with both men and women who require hormone replacement therapy, or HRT. Our Men's Clinic at Vanguard Medical Care addresses reduced testosterone (low-T) and its physical manifestations, including erectile dysfunction, low energy, and more.

Dr. Miltenberger provides bio-identical hormone replacement for men and for post-menopausal women which counter the effects of aging on:

  • Sex drive and performance
  • Physical strength
  • Mood
  • Skin and muscle tone
  • Memory and concentration

We provide specialty care because...

Every patient is special. Your medical needs differ from anyone else's. Let Dr. Chester Miltenberger and his dedicated colleagues help you through your weight loss, addiction, or hormonal issues.

Call Vanguard Medical Care in Lakeland, FL, to learn more at (863) 686-3633 today!

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