What Are the Signs of Low Testosterone?

What Are the Signs of Low Testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that was crucial in our early development and remains very important to many aspects of our daily life. It appears in higher levels in men and it's what contributes to many of the attributes that we associate as being male traits, such as larger muscle and bone mass. Testosterone levels can decrease naturally over time as we age, but it's those who experience a significant drop in these levels that are classified as having low testosterone. Low testosterone manifests physically and mentally as the body functions that depend on it are deprived of the hormone, creating some of the symptoms mentioned below. For help in managing these symptoms of low testosterone in Lakeland, FL, we can turn to Vanguard Medical Care with Dr. Chester Miltenberger.

Physical Changes

Testosterone plays a key role in the development of bone and muscles, so low testosterone can greatly impact these. Making a loss of muscle mass a likely outcome, along with decreased bone strength, can make us more likely to suffer fractures.

With the decrease in muscle mass, there is often also an increase in body fat, with some experiencing symptoms of gynecomastia along with weight gain.

Testosterone also affects our hair growth, and although hair loss is typically hereditary, those with low testosterone may experience more drastic changes.

Low testosterone can have a very significant effect on various aspects of one's sex drive, not just in low libido in general but it can also create difficulty in both achieving and maintaining an erection.

Behavioral Effects

Because of all the ways that testosterone can affect our bodies, low testosterone has been linked to behavioral effects.

One of the most common is that of low energy and fatigue, which can translate into problems with motivation, mood, and perhaps even memory.

More precisely, it has been shown to affect our ability to focus even on everyday tasks, some have expressed feeling more irritable, and also signs of depression.

Low Testosterone Treatment in Lakeland, FL

Exercise that incorporates lifting and lowering our body fat can help us manage some of these signs of low testosterone. But if it's not proving effective or for dealing with more severe symptoms then it may be time to see a doctor. Tests can verify if your symptoms are caused by low testosterone and then provide the appropriate treatment. For many, hormone replacement therapy has been a successful approach toward getting testosterone levels back to a manageable level.

Take back control and manage your low testosterone by scheduling a consultation in Lakeland, FL, with Dr. Miltenberger of Vanguard Medical Care by dialing 863-686-3633.

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